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Meeting and connecting with local people, educating our twin 10 year old boys and growing stronger as a family are our top priorities.  The inspiration behind our trip really came from a few sources.  One: TJ and I attended some of Peak Potential’s training courses and were determined to become a Gold Medal Family.  Our boys are nearing the age where parents will become less important and peers of greater importance.  We believe that the timing is perfect for our adventure and we still have work to do with those boys.

Two: My purpose and passion, aside from my family, was born just over 1 year ago as a result of my many years of networking and building relationships with people in the business world.  I am passionate about helping women grow personally and professionally and building their networks.  I also had the  privileged of being mentored by an amazing business man, Bill Walsh with Powerteam International.  He taught me the power of membership sites, social media, and internet marketing.  He also reinforced my belief of providing massive value and being of service to others.

These Blogs will be posted by the following members of our family:

Dad – TJ Muller    Mom – Julie Muller

Oldest son (by 2 minutes) – Jenson  His twin Lukas (10)

Harley – Dog and Robert Loblaw – our Travelocity Gnome

2 Responses to Whats Up!

  1. TJ – I met you the first time at the Millionaire Mind evening in Vancouver in March 2012. We too have been inspired to live amazing lives by way of the various Peak Potential courses we have attended. I loved to hear about your decision to pack up everything and go “on the road”… one of my favourite places to be as well.

    I enjoy the cards you have sent over the past couple of years… and often have thought about getting an account of my own. Let me get back to you on that… (I am checking out your site as a response to your email… continue enjoying!
    Hugs, Denise

  2. gma Dana says:

    Hoping that all is going well.Teej.

    check out the clam sauce and spaghetti recipies on the web. One of my favorite.

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