Hello and thanks for stopping by the Mullers Inspire Blog. This photo is one of my favorites, showing our family (from left to right) TJ, Lukas, Jenson, and Beautiful Julie with the one and only Les Brown.

Of course, like most things that happen in life, the back story can get long and complicated. For the time being the back story will have to wait while we get caught up on all the fun stuff, like traveling around the U.S. in our RV (consensus has yet to be reached on the RV name, but my vote: ‘John Malkovich’).  Our family circumstances and timing has come to the point where it seems to be now or might not happen, so now it is.

This is my first attempt at using the software (WordPress) so while I am very excited about all the cool things it can do, the learning curve is steep for me and I don’t have unlimited time. This means the site will add features as well as content as we continue on our journey. Your feedback is not only appreciated, it is an essential component to our success. Please let me know your thoughts to keep the site interesting and engaging (any derogatory statements about my writing will be promptly printed out and used for doggie bombs).

For detailed information about what we are doing please see the Whats Up! page.


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