Great Snorkeling… after a bit of work

Day 3
Waking up to a new WordPress
I have been looking into the different ways to blog for our travels and have settled on using WordPress. There are other ‘easier’ template styles out there but this is the standard. So I figure if I have to learn one, it might as well be this one. Please bear with me for the next month or so as the interactivity and look may change some as the appropriate widgets and gadgets and doohickeys are tweaked. My morning walk was replaced today by getting the blog ready for Julie and the first official post.
Kona then Snorkeling in Kahalu’u Bay
Packed the boys, snorkel gear, snacks, drinks… if you know the Mullers well, you know the drill. We got it covered, especially in the electronics department. Leaving early to avoid parking hassles, we drive thru Kona about 830am. The waterfront area from the King Kameha’meha hotel south, I enjoy. It is very ‘touristy’ with shops and Saturday markets and such but pretty clean, friendly ‘sidewalk’ merchants and overall has a good vibe.
The beach area next to the public parking is not very big but because of our early arrival, we snag some prime real estate. The boys are ready to hit the water after the 40 minutes in the car, so its off with clothes, on with snorkely stuff. (this is where the testing and practice in the pool pays off). This is not considered the best area for snorkeling on the Island, but its really accessible, has a large outer reef that protects from the swells, and has great variety of island fishys and stuff. Jenson is first out and quickly finds many schools of colorful fish.

I stay close to him as we slowly kick around the inner reef and communicate with interesting grunts and horn like noises (very interesting talking to each other with snorkels in mouth). Not far behind, Lukas points out the ‘nemo’ fish. Jenson, not wanting to be out fished, soon finds a ‘dory’.  Some clouds obscuring direct sunshine, effected the colors to be seen clearly underwater. Any disappointment was wiped out when I spotted a snowflake moray eel slithering about in only 4ft of ocean. Unfortunately, Jenson had just returned to the beach, but Lukas was present and we followed its journey in and out of rocks for 15 minutes. It looked to be searching in cracks and crevasses for some munchies.  Way Cool!
Back at the beach, Julie was keeping track of our belongings and watching some turtles maneuver around in the shallows by our chairs and mats. Both Lukas and Jenson were able to get very close and observe them going about finding some munchies themselves. I have no knowledge of turtles, but it seemed to be a mother turtle and one of her offspring. Some great pictures were taken and I hope to include them here.
With all the different fish, turtles, eels and the like, it provides a great opportunity for the boys to look up information about them and have some context to learning.

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