Journal ~ Jewels Muller ~ October 25, 2012

Journal October 25, 2012

We are so excited that we are able to send out our own newsletter for Chicks Connect.  In the past, I would have to create the content and email it to the web developers and they would copy and paste my stuff and then email it out.  Sometimes things would be missed or doubled up or all sorts of things due to the fact that this wasn’t their newsletter so they didn’t know what I wanted to say.  NOW, if something gets missed, it is up to me to proof read and I am so thrilled that we now have control of this.  We were able to create it in Infusionsoft and send it out without any issues this time.  Yippee!!

I had the wonderful pleasure of interviewing Tamara Owens this morning for our Chicks Connect Tele Seminar series.  Tamara is a mental health nurse practitioner, health educator and coach. She has a private practice in Portland, Oregon and does health coaching via phone, Skype and email. She is dedicated to helping others be healthy in mind, body and spirit and has a passion for mentoring others in life skills that bring about true transformation. Tamara has developed an extensive online program called “Becoming Your Best” that takes you through eight areas of life that need to be in balance to experience optimal health for your mind, body and spirit. Tamara says, “Only when we are our best selves can we achieve the greatness we are meant to be living.”   She has a wonderful discounted offer that she made to the Chicks Connect membership. 

One of the amazing benefits of Chicks Connect Membership is the great offers that the speakers have for our members.  They always discount their packages and often offer up some free items for our membership.  They are generous with their time and expertise.  We want to say a BIG thank you to all of our Tele Seminar Guests.  We always thank them on the call, with a follow up email, and a greeting card in the mail.  How do you all thank those you work with?

We would love to stay connected with you.  Feel free to share your Facebook pages in our comments.  Here are some of ours.

Julie Muller Fanpage ~ We post organizing and coaching tips and many great promotional things that are happening

Julie Muller Connecting with Cards ~ We post success tips from the great successful people in business and information about SendOutCards

Mullers Inspire ~ We post exciting things about our trip and inspirational quotes

Chicks Connect ~ Mastermind Support Network where women support one another in life and business

Chicago Our City Radio ~ No idea how I am using this yet or how I will

SOC RV ~ Those people in SendOutCards or who would like a side income so that they can travel in an RV

Let us know how to connect with YOU!




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