Journal ~ Jewels Muller ~ October 22, 2012

Journal ~ Jewels Muller ~ October 22, 2012

Beautiful sunny Monday morning.  Up and out for the dog walk.  This morning we saw crane fishing for his morning breakfast.  Such long legs, his belly didn’t even touch the water.  We watched him catch his silvery fish and gulp it down.  Two turtles were bathing in the sun on a floating log nearby and many little fish were swimming in the lake.  Harley, our dog, loves to chase the squirrels and this time I think she almost caught one going up a tree.  She is such a funny dog.

The RV was just a mess so after our walk we had a quick breakfast and I started pulling things out and sorting and purging.  I needed to find all of the home school resources for the week and all of my work stuff.  The boys decided to go play Pickle Ball which gave me some room to move around.  It doesn’t take long as we don’t have that much stuff or that much space.  Vacuuming take all of 3 minutes.  I moved a few things around to clear up some floor space and now have all of the school work and my work ready and accessible.

I took a quick break and joined them on the Pickle Ball court.  Jenson and TJ played with two women yesterday so they learned the rules.  They taught me how to do it and we had a lot of fun.  I guess Pickle Ball is the New up and coming sport, according to the ladies and the signage around the court.  We came home for some lunch and to get to work on our school work along with our work work.

I spent some time sending out emails regarding late payments for our membership site, Chicks Connect.  Not at all my favorite task.  In fact, I don’t want to deal with those types of details at all.  I want to stay passionate about my vision and mission for Chicks Connect and I find those kinds of tasks such a downer.  Someday we will hire someone to take care of that part of the business.  That is one of the challenges of business start ups.  The business owner, the visionary, is stuck with all of the other components until they make enough money to hire the less desirable tasks out.  Now, there are those people who take out business loans or have angel investors and they are able to hire people to support them from the beginning.  We didn’t do that.  We have been accepted for a program called Kick Starter, which is a crowd funding program.  I am thrilled that we have been accepted but I am hesitant to do the video and to start promoting it.  I really don’t know why?  I mean, What if it actually got funded?  What would my struggle be then?  Duh Jewels, just do it!  Uggh.  Sorry, just talking to myself there for a moment.

Work and school work went well this afternoon.  I had a call with my new partner for our radio show, Two Girls Who Talk About Stuff, Heidi Totten.   We are so excited to launch this and talk about stuff.  You can check us out on our Facebook group page for now and next Monday will be our first radio show.  Right after my call with Heidi, I did an interview with the owner of Home school chic, Jenny Bradshaw, for my product on Transitioning to Home Schooling.  She is amazing and has created a community of home school moms who support one another.  Super idea!

TJ and I enjoyed another hot tub and I really feel that Hot Tubs could save marriages.  We have the BEST conversations in the hot tub.  No cell phones, no computers, no TV, no kids (18 and up in this hot tub), and no other distractions.  I am always warm in the hot tub and conversations are real, creative, and productive.  I recommend that you all get a hot tub if you don’t already have one.  Where do you all connect?  We came back all relaxed and the kids were ready for a movie so we watched, Radio, based on a true story.  Very touching movie.  We seem to be a late night family.  Maybe that is because we are on the East Coast, who knows?



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  1. Sara says:

    Just do it:) Here is the page of a guy that did just that. Theo is now making tons of these for him.

    • JulieMuller says:

      OK, we are looking at it and re working our budget for what we would like to have with the money collected to help get the business off the ground. 🙂 Love you and miss all of you so much!

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