Jewels Journal – Salem Sue… One Big Cow


We use an app, called Roadtrippers, when we are on the move. It provides all kinds of stops along your travels. Food, lodging, history, attractions, and many more categories.  We found out about Salem Sue and decided to stop for a look.


She sits on top of this hill. There are picnic tables and a nice little hike up the hill for those who want to stretch their legs.


There is a dollar per car donation at the entrance. It is recommended that you not be over 40 feet in length. We drove up with our 33 foot rig towing our car and had to unhook once we were up there in order to turn around and get back down.


You can tell how big this cow is in reference to my husband who is pictured here touching the you know what!


There is a nice view from the little hill.

Salem Sue is the largest fiberglass Holstein cow. She was built in 1974 at the cost of $40,000. She is 38 feet high and 50 feet long.
This was sponsored by the New Salem Lions club to honor the dairy farming industry.
She was quite a site to see.
New Salem, North Dakota
Jewels Muller

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3 Responses to Jewels Journal – Salem Sue… One Big Cow

  1. Larissa says:

    I love following your adventures!

  2. Eleanor says:

    thank you for this site. I love the picture & it reminds me of my life on the farm & milking the cows. Hope this finds all of you well.

  3. Wow! I wondered what was so special about a cow that you’d stop and see it, till I scolled down and saw TJ standing underneath. Now that is big.
    I’m curious how often she gets a paint job?

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