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I am actually a big fan of doing laundry all at once. I drove up to this laundromat at 5pm. I unloaded my clothes from the car onto this cart and proceeded to check each of the 5 washers that I would use. What am I checking for? Underware, the lone sock, or even money left behind from the person before me. This time I was lucky to find a dime. I am a money magnet. I went over to the change machine and put it my  $10.00. Lucky again! It gobbled it up on the first try. I am OCD enough that I count each of the quarters as they drop from the machine. With my pocket full of quarters I head back to my machines where I fill each one with 7 quarters pick my settings and carefully close the lid. Slamming the lid or dropping the lid will result in an error and lost money.

I let each machine fill up with water just a bit and then I add the soap and carefully close the lid again. I follow that by opening each one and then the sorting process begins. Every article of clothing needs to be carefully inspected for candy wrappers, rocks,  and frogs and then turned right side out. I seem to be the only one that can do that right after removing my clothes before putting them in the laundry. That said, the sorting moves along with a red washer, white washer and 3 for everything else. Once everything is in and washing, I sit down and clock my time. It is now 5:16pm. I sit here and start this blog. I love being able to kick out huge tasks in the littlest amount of time. When I was little I would make a game out of my chores and I would time myself and give myself rewards or make up stuff. Stuff like, “If I can put away these dishes in less than 3 minutes it means that Mike likes me!” I had a crush on Mike from Kindergarten through 6th grade. In my contests, I would almost always win which means that he really liked me too, even though he didn’t know it.
5:30 pm and the first load is finished. I cash in another $10.00, yes counting the quarters. This time I believe that I may have scored an extra. No need to count again as that is in my favor. This I can let go. Although, it had me wondering if I ever miscount and think I have enough and perhaps I am missing one. So now, for a moment, I am worried. But, I know I only have 7, 9, 11, and 16 minutes left on the other machines so I will let that go. The dryer requires at least 4 quarters.
I pick number 9 first because it is my favorite number. As they finish up I test them and for some reason there is always one article of clothing that is still completely wet while the other items are completely dry. Why is that?
It’s game on now. Machines are finishing their cycle. My phone is plugged in over by the ironing board because my battery is low and my purse is on the folding shelf with my laundry bags, detergent, and laundry soap.
The clock reads 5:42 pm and all machines have been emptied, all driers checked for wads of gum, gross things, and money. 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9 check out. 7 has a crack in the door so I imagine heat will escape through there and it is not a viable choice.
Unloading washer, checking on phone security, and wheeling over to one of the acceptable dryers with my fabric softener sheet. Ready, set, dry. 4 quarters, high heat, and we are in business. While I was waiting for the remaining two washers to complete their cycle I checked the washing machines twice for that pair of underware or sock stuck to the side or perhaps I missed a dime of my own from a pocket, but that is highly unlikely. On a side note… this is Angry Bird.
Harley, our wonderful puppy likes to gut stuffed animals and carry around the carcus. It was time to give this one a wash. Stinky! Ready to fold…. 6:05 pm.
The laundry is folded and put into piles according to how it gets put away. I have the boys clothes organized so I want to make the put away task as efficient as possible. I just clocked myself at 6:26pm. All 5 loads of laundry washed, dried, and folded. 1 hour and 26 minutes. I think that is pretty good. Oh, and did I mention that I wrote a blog during that time too? Now I am off to vacuum out my car. The goal will be to completely vacuum it out before the timer turns off. If I can do it… it means that TJ loves me. PS I will proof read this later so feel free to post your comments about my mistakes. 6:34pm. Over and out!

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4 Responses to Jewels Journal – Laundry on the Road

  1. Rachel says:

    Your Awesome… and you crack me up 🙂 This was a fun journey thanks for taking us!

  2. Larissa says:

    Great perspective Jewels!

  3. Cassie says:

    Love it! I love doing all the laundry at once too!!!

  4. So loved this post. It reminded me growing up with my mom and we did not have a washing machine and dryer at home. I actually had to take our clothes in a bag on my bike, because also did not have a car and go wash our clothes. Funny I did also make a game out of it. Making the most of what at the time I did not feel was an ideal situation. Growing up I thought it wasn’t cool that I had to use a public laundry and your beautiful post made me realize that even in the mundane or inconvenient we can find fun and a sense of accomplishments. Thank you!

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