Jewels Journal – Grafton, North Dakota


TJ has been hard at work for the Sugar Beet Harvest. I take Jeff, another traveling family man, and TJ to work each morning at 7:30 a.m. and pick them up each evening at 8:00 p.m. Both men are driving the Bobcats on site moving tubes/ pipes around to help with the ventilation of the beet piles.


The boys and I work on school work, Chicks Connect, and we also have some play time in the afternoons.  The RV park has a play structure, dog park, frisbee golf, tennis courts, a jogging path and even a swimming pool that is open in the summer months.


The weather has taken a turn and it is very windy and cold. Just a few days ago we struggled with massive amounts of mosquitoes and flies. I think they are all dead now. The town has a local library and you can buy a library card for $20. The post office will accept general delivery mail if you stop by and give them your name. There are a couple of stores and they have a car wash next to the laundromat.  They even have a Pizza Hut! I believe the town has a population under 5000 and harvesting is the big industry. We also noticed a big window and door manufacturing plant.


I will collect some new photos during the day but this is an image of the piler. It works around the clock for 2-3 weeks spitting out beets on the piles. We are thrilled and excited to see TJ’s parents. They will visit for 4-5 days. We haven’t seen them since January!
We just registered for the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas in January and will welcome the warmth and knowledge!

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2 Responses to Jewels Journal – Grafton, North Dakota

  1. Christine says:

    Hi there. My dad is going to be working the beer harvest in Drayton this year. His job will be as a pilot, taking the beer samples from the truck drivers. Can you please tell me more about your and your husband’s experience? How long did the work last? They told my dad two weeks and the longest it had ever gone (due to weather) was 19 days. My dad is a very active 75 year old, but I’m worried. Thank you for your help. 🙂

    • Julie says:

      Hi Christine,
      That is about right for the harvest. We are here now so the hubs is working more but it is the pre-harvest. As long as the weather cooperates it goes 24/7 for an average of 15 days. My husband loved it and we are back for a second year. He is a Foreman this year. I think it is a really good experience and a nice chunk of change in a short amount of time. There are a number of people that work at the Beet Harvest that are of that age. Just make sure he takes breaks when needed, food and water, warm clothes, and follow the safety rules. 🙂

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