Jewels Muller Journal – Big Bedroom

As I sit here on the bed in a giant bedroom, I find myself comparing it to my entire RV home. The bed is about the same size. Our TV hangs from a wall instead of being located in a cabinet. The desk in this big room holds a computer, keyboard,  file cabinets and additional storage along with a swivel chair. Our computers can be found in computer bags, on top of beds, or carefully placed within the 12 inches of room on the sides of our bed. There is really no fear of stepping on them because no regular sized person can walk on either side of our bed. The two door reach in closet where I am staying has a few items of clothing hanging along with a couple of things on the shelves. Our closet is in the hall across the bedroom and it contains all of the clothes for Jenson, Lukas and myself. A shelf over the desk contains some toys and books which are kept below the boys beds in our Rig. My generous house hosts have towels laid out on a little bench and a coffee pot for individual cups of coffee…. I think I will make one now….. one moment.


I almost forgot about the two night stands on either side of the bed. We have a flat surface in our Rig on top of drawers but about six inches up from that flat surface is the bottom of the cabinet.
I noticed that I didn’t bump my head last night or knock my arms on the cabinets when I turned over. This Big room was very comfortable. I also noticed that I can see everything very well. In our Rig, sometimes it is hard to find things if something was placed on top of it.
I enjoyed my time in this big room but I am always happy to be back home in our little RV.


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